Ghislain Brown-Kossi

Artistic Statement

Archaeological Pop Artist

Archaeological Pop Artist is an art discipline whose objective is to study human beings from ancestral times to the present day through research. Brown-Kossi’s artistic practice includes researching the histories of the symbols that continue to influence and appear in our daily lives. Those employed in these works can be found on rock art from the prehistoric period. Some are universal like the spiral, others are cultural and can be found today among branding. Many have roots in African languages that pre-date Latin, and their influence can be found globally. For centuries symbols have been a way to act on the conscience, to organize, to communicate and to evoke the spiritual. These works mean to play with their polysemous nature, in the hope that you will reflect on the meanings you see. “My aim is to interact and communicate with all people, to stir curiosity, encourage deeper investigation into our connectedness. I want people to look, to discover for themselves, to communicate and feel towards one another.”