Artist G.Brown-Kossi has always been fascinated by moments of transformation. Changes in relationships and societies, in space and time – these processes are very evocative of our human potential, and our innate desire to improve and grow beyond our starting points. Much of her work uses bright colors to explore the joy that such transformation can bring. By merging the boundaries between past and future, self and other, or human and machine, her art celebrates the social configurations that exist as moments of mutual influence.

The BIBOU portraits, for example, play with the interaction between human emotion and technological expression. The boxy eyes – evoking pop culture imagery – remind her of the real feeling behind modern communication; the windows of the soul in face-to-face communication transported into the strange eloquence of the machine. Similarly, recent collages blend maps with modes of communication that span centuries, from symbols to thought bubbles and coding. Splintered in multiple directions, the pieces dislocate space while unifying the potential for connection across time and distance.

Ultimately, these pieces comment on the multiple ways we communicate in the 21st century. In all of his work, from his acrylic paintings to his multimedia pieces, sculptures and photographs, he seeks to highlight the fertile potential that emerges in the midst of social change.