Symbol System

LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery presents “Symbol System”, a Duo Show by artists Ghislain Brown-Kossi and Yan Garnier.

Starting from the power of symbolism, the ability to shape an abstract idea, both artists explore the scope of communicating halfway between intuitive interpretation and deep knowledge in symbolic signs.

Fascinated by the aptitude of symbols to relay complex ideas in a few strokes, Ghislain Brown-Kossi and Yan Garnier endlessly reproduce signs and symbols until they create a pattern of their own. The interaction between the signs on the canvas reveals a new way of communication. The bright and contrasting colors participate in the development of this very particular language, which evolves between the use of ancient symbols and a plunge into interiority.

Brown-Kossi and Garnier are thus united by the same favorite theme: the research around symbols and their enhancement, with an intention very personal to each other.